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All Star Gift Box with Puzzle Books
All Star Gift Box
All Star Gift Box
Item#: BBDDAllSt16

The All Star Gift Box with Puzzle Books includes:

Variety puzzles book with all sorts of pencil puzzles to entertain for hours.

Crossword puzzles book.

Buttery pretzles 2 oz. box.

Caramel popcorn 2.8 oz. box.

Chocolate chip cookies 2 oz. box.

Mixed nuts 2 oz. box.

Beer nuts, two 1 oz. bags.

Jelly belly draft beer can jelly beans.

All Star Gift Box with Puzzle Books measures 10" l x 6" w x 14" h.

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Paperback Book
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Puzzle Books
8.5" x 11" with at least 70 puzzles. If your gift can not fit that size book we use a 5" x 7" one. Books are added to your gift basket.

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Air filled balloons add a personal touch to your gift. Balloon will be added to your basket.

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