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How did we go from standing in a long line at a bookstore to this?

In a time before was a household name, and the only way you got on the internet was through a company called AOL people did most of their shopping at actual stores (gasp).

One cold winter evening after work I found myself at a bookstore with my two year old son in tow. My mission: "Find romance novels to send to a sick friend in the hospital." After wandering about and finding some books we stood in line, where temperatures and tempers were hot. Have you ever tried to keep a two year old in a line...they don't like it!

As I drove home from the store I thought, "There should be an 800 number for this!" and that was the magic moment when a little company called Book Bouquet was born. That was back in 1998, I didn't even own a cell phone!

However, we did have internet, and realized as a military family that an internet business would make the most sense so in 1999 the company incorporated and became my full time career.

"Where did that crazy name come from anyway", you ask?

On the fateful night when that light bulb moment hit the name popped into my head. I wanted giving books to be as pretty and easy to do as giving a bouquet of flowers. Put the two together and abracadabra, "Book Bouquet". No mother would ever have to wander a bookstore in full winter attire with a hyper two year old in hand again!

Book Bouquet really started as the hope to send a gift that my friend would enjoy while recuperating. Every gift that has been created since then has the same goal in mind. To provide gifts people enjoy because they entertain, engage and exude thoughtfulness. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. Now go order something, that two year old is in college!

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Books are treasures you give from the heart, which makes them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Book Bouquet has creative book baskets for men, women, kids and babies. Find gifts for all occasions including:
  • Get Well Gift Baskets for boredom busting entertainment.
  • Birthday Book Baskets to celebrate another milestone.
  • Baby Book Baskets for New Baby, First Birthday and Baby's First Christmas.
  • Children's Activity Gifts for Get Well, Birthday and Christmas.
  • Sympathy Gift Baskets to send words of comfort during difficult times.

Give Books, Share Stories, Make Memories...that's our motto! Give a gift basket with books and you give a piece of yourself. While we can all appreciate the ease of the "ereader" there's something special about holding a book. Turning the pages, smelling that "book" smell, holding another world in your hands, books are magic. So spread some magic today with your gift of a book basket. It's a gift you give that can be opened again and again.