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Holiday Gift Box with Puzzle Books and Paperback
Holiday Gift Box with Book and Puzzle Books
Holiday Gift Box with Book and Puzzle Books
Item#: BBXM17GG
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Product Description
Holiday Gift Box with Book and Puzzle Books Includes:

A paperback book from the list above featuring favorite authors, trivia and puzzle books and a mix of humorous book titles.

Crossword puzzle book America's favorite kind of puzzle book.

Word Search puzzle book for hours of boredom busting entertainment.

Sudoku puzzle book with puzzles from easy to hard.

Your entertaining gift arrive in a holiday theme gift box with bow. Your gift is wrapped in cellophane and ready for gift giving.

Happy holidays are in reach when you leave the shopping and shipping to Book Bouquet!

When you want to send an entertaining gift no one has better choices than Book Bouquet! Our gift baskets have plenty of things to do and feature puzzle books, novels, coloring books and more.

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