Entertaining Get Well Gifts for Adults

Get Well Gifts for Adults
When you want to send an entertaining get well gift no one has better choices than Book Bouquet! Our get well gifts have plenty of things to do and feature puzzle books, novels, coloring books and more.

Bed Rest Get Well Gift Basket
a food free gift
Deluxe Feel Better Gift Basket with Books
fuel for mind and body
Puzzle Books Gift Basket
entertaining get well gift
Lavender Gift Box with Book and Puzzle Books
a lovely, natural scent
Comforting Teas and Book Gift Basket
send warm wishes
Get Well Toolkit
tools for feeling better
No Food Get Well Toolkit
tools to cure boredom
Women's Coloring Book Boredom Buster
not your kids coloring books
Boredom Buster Gift Box
puzzle book entertainment
No Food Boredom Buster Get Well Gift
food free gift
Puzzles and Smiles Gift Box
laughter in a box
Pink Boredom Buster Get Well Gift Box
pretty in pink

One of the most difficult things when sick is handling the bed rest and boredom! Book Bouquet's entertaining get well gifts are designed with things to do in the gift basket. Puzzle baskets feature crossword books, word search books, sudoku books, adult coloring books and, of course, novels.

Many of our get well gift baskets let you choose a book to include with your get well gift. When in doubt we suggest a funny get well gift with Laughter is the Best Medicine book of humor. A gift basket of books is always an appreciated get well gift.

Our get well gifts can include crosswords, word searches, sudoku and variety puzzle books. In a recent poll of 31,302 adults who were asked what their favorite type of puzzle was, the big winner, crosswords! Puzzle book gift baskets provide hours of entertainment to the recipient.

Food free gift baskets are perfect for sending your get well wishes. No worries about diet or restrictions with many of Book Bouquet's no food get well gift baskets. Add an adult coloring book to any of our get well gift baskets for a relaxing and fun twist on a puzzle book basket.

You can rely on Book Bouquet. We've been around since 1998. You can trust us to treat you right, and to send a great gift. Book Bouquet was started when owner, Kim Shanahan, wanted to send a book to a sick friend in the hospital. Click Here to read more of our story.

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